| LomoChrome Color ’92 - a review

Shot on my Olympus Pen EE (half frame).
Some comparisons on how this film renders when shot in various environments at its intended exposure.

The essentials

Film Speed 400iso
Development Process C41
Exposure per roll 36

The look

You want every shot to feel like a 90’s grunge album cover. Maybe you’re exploring Tokyo on a cloudy day. “Discover fascinating blue hues, vibrant reds and delicate pastel undertones.”

How I’d rate the following

Contrast and Dynamic Range 
You’ll be able to tell rather quickly that your best bet would be to overexpose your film, or have it pulled. I’d comfortably set the aperature at an entire stop lower next time. My Olympus pen tends to account for exposure pretty accurately or even slightly over (a point and shoot). 

Grain Size and Structure
Especially for a half frame, there’s a more pronounced look to the grain structure. I’d argue that’s more the point to this film than a side effect, it really suits the bleached grunge look. 

Yeah, not at all suited for indoors. I bet this film with flash would be pretty neat. Especially when capturing the oranges that are so heavily saturated at proper exposure.

Would I shoot on this again?

I would! It’s a pretty trendy style at the moment and used with intention, each shoot really delivers something with impact off the bat. (From a Gen Z -ers perspective, isn’t that the whole point of film?) As an important bonus, I could easily balance the tone on some of these shots in Photoshop, reducing the cold blue cast on shots where I felt it wasn’t suited, I include some examples of that towards the end. 

More samples.

~10am, wasn't anticipating this extreme a contrast shooting indoors.
A good example of saturation strength with warmer hues

^ The pink highlights are neat here! I'm guessing because the shutter spazed and this shot is slightly over exposed.

With colour correction:

These sandy colours look so good.
Love how the greens and nude tones come through once slightly colour balanced.

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