Aperol to our spritz 

sept 2019 • Italy & England

my first blog-y post. i would like to say some words. travelling for the first time away from home, this trip was a very special one to me. it made me understand why a heavy dslr is worth the pain, and how far the pancake can go. this trip features my dear friends Claire, Sam and Rosie. together we were CRES.

something about the spontaneity and unjaded anticipation of it all made for memories and countless easily avoidable directionally challenged errors we’ll never forget.

looking at these with fresh eyes, there’s a hit of overpowering romanticism that saturates every shot. i was editing on the go and i have to say, looking back on this YEARS later, i'm not mad. though i am livid i didn’t store my raws (a lesson learned for future endeavors).